Parent Perspectives

What Parents are Saying…

“Thank you for providing a safe, trusting, and fun environment for our daughter. Every time we see her holding her hands out for one of you we feel very good because we know she will only hold her arms out for people she loves and trusts.”

-Michelle and Rob

“KRP has truly been like a second home. The contributions that you all make in your daily interactions with children and families – in your warm and nurturing manner, always taking the time for each child and parent, to listen, hear, observe and understand their needs is the absolute best. As a parent, to feel that my precious son is viewed as a capable and confident learner and that his individual development, personality, learning style, and questions, are considered by all of you in your everyday interaction with him is so assuring.”


“We sincerely appreciate the wonderful care you give our son everyday. We never have to worry about him because we know he is always having a great day at the centre. Thank you for providing a safe and home-like environment for him to play and learn with other children everyday.”

-Tingyi and Howard

“Our children have learned and experienced so much and developed so many new skills and interests through your loving care and attention. I believe credit belongs to the whole Family Centre because you really function as a team and family while caring for mine.”

-Garvin and Vien

“It takes a village to raise a child! You are all part of my village!!! I can’t thank you enough for all the kindness, support, love, affection and commitment to my family.”


“We are so grateful for the wonderful care and enriching environment that you provide for our little girl everyday. She is happy to come to KRP in the mornings and comes home talking about her friends, educators and all the new things she knows. Thank you for all the effort you put in to making everyday an adventure and for keeping our sweet girl safe and secure.”

-Roxanne and Dylan

“I LOVE the outdoor opportunities and feel they are a piece of the program which sets KRP apart from others. Continuing with this is important to my family. I also like how the classroom set up changes from time to time. I believe the re-organizing of materials and centres exposes the children to a lot of activities. We love the French incorporated into the program and wish there was more. The storypark feature is the most valuable asset for helping me understand what my child does each day. It also enables me to have conversations with him about his day.”

-A Kindergarten Parent