Our Guiding Principles

Parents are respected as their child’s primary teacher creating a strong partnership between home, the Family Centre and the community.

We commit to work collaboratively with each individual family to promote positive parenting experiences while supporting families in their diverse parenting roles.

We nurture an environment that is optimal for early learning and development. Early Childhood Educators encourage opportunities that stimulate curiosity, exploration, inquiry and self-learning creating the base for children to succeed.

The Family Centre is a hub of inclusive services with a focus on the family as a unit providing a flexible continuum of parent and child oriented services for the community.

Innovation and program development is supported by actively seeking partnerships and connections with the community and beyond.

A respectful work place that cherishes collaborative communication ensures the team of professionals, parents and children are challenged, supported and enabled.

We foster and engage educators in their professional learning journey which includes reflective practice.

The practice of all staff align with Ontario’s College of Early Childhood Educators Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.