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The City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist

Kanata Research Park Family Centre is a workplace child care agency that offers priority to the families who work within the Kanata Research Park Properties Campus (KRP). In order to qualify for workplace priority at least one parent must be working within the KRP properties portfolio at the time a child care space is offered.  Workplace priority   includes any business located in space owned and operated by KRP properties. If you qualify for work place priority, you can identify that on your registration form on the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waiting list Any  parent who are interested in child care space  at the Family Centre is required  to register on this waiting list. It is the only list we use to fill our available child care spaces.  If you qualify for workplace priority please ensure that you indicate this on your registration form. Parents can indicate workplace priority on the waiting list by filling out the field under the heading WORKPLACE DETAILS – list in the first line – KANATA RESEARCH PARK CAMPUS. Then in the next line enter your specific workplace along with the full address. This will indicate that you work within the campus and your child will be on the workplace priority list. It is  important to do this because it’s the only way to separate campus priority list from the community list.

You can check to see if your company is a part of the KRP portfolio –

The Registration Process

When a space becomes available at the Family Centre it is offered first to families currently attending in case they wish to increase or change their attendance days. Available spaces are then offered to siblings of children currently attending, then families who work on the campus and then community families. The list is then sorted by date of registration and families are contacted directly through email regarding available spaces whether they requested full-time or part-time care – in order for families to make decisions based on their current needs.

It is very difficult to determine where a child is located on the waiting list because it is a living document. Sometimes the information on the waiting list has not been updated to reflect the current needs of a family. This does make a difference when we look at the overall waiting list numbers so it would be impossible to determine a waiting list number for the children on our list.

We offer priority to those that work on the campus because Kanata Research Park properties invested in the start-up cost of the Family Centre and they continue to provide us with an annual donation. They are very supportive of the partnership and believe in quality early learning experiences for children and their families.  As a not-for-profit agency, their annual contribution is an extremely important component of our budget and allows us to offer a high-quality program.

Kindergarten Registration

For more information on kindergarten registration please contact:

Esther Seaman, RECE, Executive Director
(613) 591-1995 ext. 222