Welcome to the Preschool Program

Our Program Statement

Our preschool programs are designed to be secure, inclusive, respectful and inviting environments where children can learn through carefully planned hands-on learning experiences that stimulate curiosity, investigation, exploration and discovery. The children are viewed as competent and capable partners in curriculum development and through our observations and collaboration we, their educators, encourage, support, and direct their learning. Our programs nurture a sense of independence and responsibility by providing opportunities for decision-making and problem-solving as the children develop self-concept and learn self-regulation while in a social group setting.

Intentional teaching ensures that our curriculum is thoughtfully planned, stimulating and developmentally appropriate. Learning opportunities are presented as outlined in How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years. The following areas are considered the foundation for the children’s optimal learning and development: belonging, well-being, engagement and expression. We encourage the children to explore the natural world around them, as well as support them as they learn to take risks in a safe and guided learning environment. As responsive and supportive educators, we promote the children’s emotional well-being while they are in our care. We also engage with community partners by going on walks through the community, visiting the nearby senior’s centre, and welcoming visits from local librarians. Children’s autonomy is supported by encouraging them to express themselves in any way they can or choose to do so: through their bodies, words, and use of materials.

Observation and documentation of the children’s interests, abilities, and development will be maintained on a regular basis through various methods, including Storypark.  The information collected, along with parental input, will be transcribed into a developmentally appropriate program specific to the children’s interests and developmental objectives.  As a result, learning will become active, enjoyable and rewarding as children challenge themselves with materials and projects that interest them.

We respect the guiding principle that parents are their child’s primary teacher. Through ongoing two-way communication with parents and families, we foster their engagement and encourage them to be involved with us, which strengthens the children’s sense of belonging in our programs. We continually strive to keep families updated via documentation around the classrooms and through Storypark profiles regarding the children’s learning and development, related community events, relevant resource materials and preschool program developments (i.e. changes, progressions and evolvements).

It is our hope that children in the preschool programs are supported in becoming lifelong learners and come to the realization that learning is satisfying and fun! We welcome any suggestions you may have as we nurture a partnership between your home and the Family Centre.